WallZack Group. is here to guide you in the right direction, and provide our clients with the best possible solution. Let us do the leg work for you, that's what we specialize in. Our team of experts have been working local government and US Federal projects for years, so whether you are trying to tap into the local Japanese Market, or land you next US Federal/DOD project we are here to support your needs. Please Contact Us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate, and if we cant assist you directly, then we will steer you in the right direction.


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What We Can do!


WallZack LLC. combines all the resources you need to successfully Manage, Deliver, and Close your project.

  • RFQ's/RFI's/Proposals. Let WallZack LLC. give you an estimate, we will give you very competitive rates that will give you an edge on the competition. We can provide Materials, Labor, and Project management dependent on your needs.
  • Project Staffing and Scheduling. Let us provide you with the technical experts you need. We have a wide array of expertise. If you need licensed personal let us know! We will also professionally manage and schedule your project. Our team is highly proficient at project scheduling and staffing, we are used to providing the documentation required for USG projects abroad.
  • Translation Services. Our Bilingual Staff is essential for your project here in Japan or Korea. Our Translators will assure that local sub-contractors understand completely what the project requirements are. We will make sure that all documentation ie: SOW's, PWS's, RFQ's and other site specific documentation is translated, in order to pass down to the local sub-contractors who will fulfill your project requirements.
  • Project Management. Our PM's have a stellar track record for delivering projects on time and under budget. All of our PM's are certified in their area of trade. Our PM's also use the methodologies outlined in the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), and also use the CPM (Critical Path Method) while Managing, Scheduling, and Delivering Projects.


WallZack LLC. Provides services for Local US and Japanese companies that are looking to tap into the US Federal Market in Mainland Japan, Okinawa Japan, and Korea. Our company offers a unique service for companies that need assistance in developing their Business in the Asia Pacific Region. WallZack LLC. will provide all the resources your company will need in order to conduct projects oversees. We have accounts in place with local vendors in the region to help support material needs for your project, and have a wide array of partnerships who specialize in IT infrastructure, IT Design, Construction/Renovation, and Electrical Engineering to name a few.

Engineering & Consulting Services

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