Maintenance Services

Fiber characterization involves the testing of new or existing FOC to determine its capability to meet the performance standards for multiple wavelength, high speed services (e.g., 10G, 40G, 100G). We will perform multiple tests (i.e., optical insertion loss (OIL), optical return loss (ORL), chromatic dispersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD)) on designated spans of fiber and provide results that show individual fiber characteristics and limitations.

Whether you need fiber installed in your building or outside of your building, We have the expertise, and resources to support your requirements. We can design/construct/install outside plant (OSP) pathways including setting maintenance holes (MHs), hand holes (HHs), and vaults, and installing conduit between them. We also have the capability to install fiber in OSP pathways. Once installed, we can terminate and/or splice, and test the fiber.



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WallZack Consulting Group

We will provide trained technicians with calibrated OTDRs and power meters to successfully support any FOC testing or troubleshooting requirement. Our staff also has the capabilities to analyze OTDR results, and specifically identify what the issue may be. We also do third party fiber testing.


WallZack LLC. fiber optic cable infrastructure services:
We offer a full range of fiber optic cable (FOC) infrastructure services including installation, testing/troubleshooting, characterization, maintenance, and optical link mapping.

Optical Solutions


We can also provide certified electricians for whatever your needs may be. Typically we provide power upgrades related to IT infrastructure (Racks, Cabinets, Switching etc.). We also can install Sub-Panels or upgrade existing panels. Our services are as follows:
Distribution systems, Service upgrades, Commericial industrial, Design/build, Tenant improvements, Service work


WallZack LLC. Has the resources to be your single source provider for any and all of your OSP needs. We are able to design/build/construct the OSP infrastructure you need. The Following is a list of our OSP specialties:
Design/build, Engineering , Right-of-way acquisition, Pathway proofing , Pathway -construction ,Trenching, Conduit installation, Maintenance hole and hand hole placement, Aerial construction , Direct bury systems, Directional drilling , Maxcell installation, Fiber and copper installation, Fiber and copper splicing and termination, Confined spaces program


WallZack LLC. Can assist you in any of your IT needs for Inside Plant Cabling infrastructure. We specialize in ISP solutions, and have the capabilities you need for the following:

Design / Build, Mission Critical Data Centers, Telecommunication closets, desktop user drops, Moves Adds Changes (MAC's), Break-fix, maintenance, and repair services, Copper (CAT5, CAT4E, CAT6 and CAT6A), Fiber (single mode, multimode: SC, ST, LC connectors),Coaxial (RG-6, RG-59), Backbone and horizontal cabling, Protected distribution systems (PDS), CCTV, Cabling Pathways, Compliance with applicable standards including NEC, EIA/TIA, BICSI, manufacturer guidance, and federal/state/local regulations and codes


ISP Solutions

OLM involves an end-to-end assessment of each fiber link with event characterization and fiber status to allow prompt diagnosis of fiber network issues.

Optical Link Mapping (OPM)

Existing FOC infrastructure requires a maintenance program to ensure that fiber is operating at its highest potential. We can clean and inspect all fiber connections and evaluate the infrastructure in order to make recommendations that will allow optimization of the fiber network.

Fiber Characterization

In general we are capable of handling any construction needs related to IT, and infrastructure upgrades. We have the ability to perform the following tasks:

Build out Telecom Rooms, Raised Flooring, Cable Trays, Ceilings and Lighting, HVAC for Telecom Spaces, Classified space hardening, Building Entrance, Core Drilling, General Restoration of Communication Spaces